From the Winter 2005 Baton Rouge Gallery Show...

Good Fences, Strong Walls

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Each work in the Good Fences series is 6' tall X 5.5" wide

Acrylic on wood



Below, earlier works by Mary Ann Caffery
Icon 1 28.5" x 9"
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Detail, Icon 2 31" x 13.5"
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Icon 3, 33.5" x 11.25"
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Detail, Icon 5 47.5" x 15.5"

Icon 6 33" x 11.25"

Mary Ann's Wall of Icons!
---Caffery’s collection of handsome icons combine a deep feeling and respect for antiquity with a slightly jarring sense of the progress of 21st century technology. The panels have all the elegance of ancient religious works, and the modern bits emerge as true icons of today’s fast-paced world. Working with tiles in beautiful colors and adorning them with patterns made from tiny objects salvaged from contemporary technology creates a magical sense of old meeting new. Some of the works look like tall buildings. Others seem almost like the map of a city, and all have an intense energy and strong impact. Most of the works are topped with tiled arches that give the finished product an effect of reverent importance. Caffery is an artist who combines emotion and intellect, and her attention to detail makes the unusual combination of materials strikingly effective.
Anne Price, The Advocate, 11/24/01


Paintings By Sam Corso

Dreamscape Series #1 32" x 32"
Dreamscape Series #2 32" x 32"
Dreamscape Series #3 32" x 32"
Dreamscape Series #4 32" x 32"
Dreamscape Series #5 32" x 32"
Dreamscape Series #6 36" x 36"